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A hummingbird is among the smallest, fastest creatures on the planet.
We believe in doing the bare maximum for all of our clients.


A hummingbird consumes more than its own weight in nectar each day.
We believe in creating an abundance of content that has lasting value.


A hummingbird beats its wings 200x/second and visits 100s of flowers a day.
We believe that passion fuels the energy required for success.


A hummingbird can hover, fly backwards, sideways and upside down.
We believe that adaptability is a prerequisite for innovation.

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About Us

Hummingbird Media is a boutique public relations firm serving premium clients in the Pro Audio, MI, Systems Integration and Consumer Electronics industry. We help our clients articulate the essence of their brand using a combination of modern and traditional communications mediums.


  • Full public relations services
  • Corporate and marketing communications
  • Press releases
  • Media measurement and analysis
  • Clippings services
  • Copywriting and content development
  • Whitepapers and case studies

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