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Sennheiser Puts Spotlight on Sound and Music at SXSW 2013, Hosting Open Discussions with Leading and Next Gen Content Creators and Innovators

Thousands Attend Live Interview Sessions with Fred Armisen, Aisha Tyler, Amanda Palmer and Others, Discussing the Importance of Sound in Artistic Content Across Many Disciplines

· Austin, TX – Audio specialist Sennheiser wrapped up its first appearance at SXSW Interactive last month, in a successful and innovative activation consisting of three days of live interviews with many of today’s leading content creators and innovators. For a complete recap of the groundbreaking event, visit Sennheiser’s website, which features exclusive images and videos. The site will also feature full–length interview footage with a range of subjects exploring the role that sound plays in the creation of art.

Sennheiser and Paste Magazine hosted a range of personalities including actor Fred Armisen, musician Amanda Palmer, publishing executive Axel Alonso, director Carlton Cuse and comedian Aisha Tyler among many others at The Blackheart in Austin: a charming, intimate venue with a porch in the front, a broadcast studio in the interior and an extensive live stage and performance environment in the rear.

Thousands of people attended the three–day event, which featured interviews every half hour with actors, directors, cinematographers, musicians, video game designers, software developers, comedians and others broadcast live over Sennheiser wireless headphones. The topic of sound and music—and the irrevocable and integral role it plays in creative content creation—was among the more salient points of discussion during the interviews, which will appear on Sennheiser’s website over the next several weeks.

Comedian Fred Armisen, who is also a musician, discussed being in his third season of the hit series Portlandia and the critical role that music plays in his work: “We treat each episode kind of like a song, and each season is like an album,” he said. “In terms of the packaging of it, we think in terms of music all the time. We ask ourselves, ‘What would David Bowie do?”

Alex Alonso, Editor in Chief of Marvel Comics, revealed that his company will soon be integrating audio into its digital versions of comic books through ‘Project Gamma’: “The inclusion of adaptive audio adds another layer of emotion to the reading experience, drawing fans deeper into the story in ways they’ve never experienced before,” he says. Meanwhile, game developer Jenova Chen, designer of award winning games such as Cloud, Flow, Flower and Journey, said that the audio components of video games—including music and effects—is the single most important component in creating an emotional connection to a gamer.

Actress Trieste Dunn, who will be appearing in the feature film Loves Her Gun and who has appeared in United 93, Vacation!, articulated the power of sound design in evoking raw emotions in film: “I recently saw Best of the Southern Wild in a theater in Atlanta where the sound was amazing. I was so moved that I was convulsing and sobbing uncontrollably by the time the film was over. Then I saw the same film at another older theater in Charlotte at a tiny theater where the sound wasn’t so good and the experience wasn’t nearly as powerful.”

Rockin’ SXSW Interactive with Sennheiser

SXSW Interactive was the perfect location to showcase Sennheiser’s latest lifestyle headphone, the Momentum, which features a combination of premium sound, unparallelled comfort, puristic design and high quality materials. Demonstrations of Momentums in both black and brown were on display on the front porch and rear performance areas, in addition to the wireless headphones Sennheiser provided for the interviews. The Momentums were not only a hit with Interactive attendees and music fans, but also among the many interviewees, including Amanda Palmer, LeVar Burton and Aisha Tyler.

Sennheiser also made its presence known throughout SXSW Interactive by providing its ‘Rockin’ The Ride’ Pedicabs: human powered taxi cabs that scurried all across Austin city limits. Each pedicab featured a sack with a pair of headphones for passengers to try out and experience the sound of Sennheiser while journeying on to their next show.


  1. Sennheiser’s dedicated page at features exclusive images and videos from the Sennheiser + Paste Interactive Studio & Lounge.
  2. Fred Armisen of SNL and Portlandia was among the guests interviewed at the Sennheiser + Paste Interactive Studio & Lounge.
  3. Marvel Comics Editor in Chief Axel Alonso discussed his company’s Project Gamma, which features integrating audio into comic books.
  4. LeVar Burton of Star Trek dons a pair of Sennheiser Momentum headphones at the Sennheiser + Paste Interactive Studio & Lounge.
  5. Recording artist / performer Amanda Palmer enjoyed listening to the new Sennheiser Momentums.
  6. Sennheiser’s “Rock the Ride” pedicabs were found all around Austin, in which passengers could try a pair of Sennheiser headphones.