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Sennheiser and Neumann to Partner with the Chelsea Music Festival, Celebrating Germany and Brazil Through Music, Food and Art in 2014

Neumann Microphones to Capture A Diverse Array of Musical Performances; St. Paul's Lutheran Church to Host a Sennheiser MOMENTUM Headphone Listening Station

· New York City – Audio specialist Sennheiser announced that it has partnered with the Chelsea Music Festival to deliver an exquisite sound experience for Festival attendees and participants. The Festival, now in its fifth year, celebrates Germany and Brazil through music, food and art. Over the course of the eight-day event, Sennheiser will provide a full complement of Neumann microphones to be used at a variety of venues throughout New York’s Chelsea neighborhood — as well as a dedicated MOMENTUM headphone listening station at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church on 22nd Street.

The Festival will feature musical artists from around the world, engaging audiences of all ages with programs inspired by composer anniversaries of Richard Strauss (150), Heitor Villa-Lobos (55) and C.P.E. Bach (300). There will also be culinary and visual artists in attendance over the course of the Festival, which includes evening and daytime concerts, free outdoor performances and street events, panels and many other activities.

“As the Chelsea Music Festival celebrates its fifth season and looks to capture more complex recordings, we knew that Sennheiser and Neumann would be the perfect complement,” commented Brett Leonard, Chief Audio Engineer for Chelsea Music Festival. “This year, we have everything from very traditional classical vocal ensembles, string quartets, jazz ensembles, Brazilian ensembles and many others so we looked to Sennheiser to help with the overall sound experience. No other company offers a similar product line that offers both the quality and versatility we needed.”

Performances will be held at several different venues throughout Chelsea, as well as the Festival’s first outdoor concert, which will be held at Herald Square. Indoor performances will take place within a diverse range of acoustic environments including traditional auditoriums, art studios and St. Paul’s Lutheran Church — which will also host a dedicated Sennheiser MOMENTUM listening station for the duration of the Festival. Leonard will be armed with several Neumann microphones to achieve an optimal sonic result, including a pair of Neumann KM D digital microphones along with a Neumann DMI-2 portable interface.

“We are lucky to have the digital mics and a Neumann Digital Microphone Interface (DMI) in our mobile kit and we will be relying on this each night,” says Leonard. “Each microphone is extremely quiet and helps eliminate many issues associated with recording in remote locations, such as power and interference. Most importantly, they sound great — they will be used as our go-to spot mics for violin, cello, piano and other instruments.”

In addition to the digital microphone kit, Leonard’s mobile rig will also consist of other microphones including the KM 183, KM 184, KM 185, TLM 103 and others. Leonard says this variety of microphones will enable him to ‘cover every possible angle of what is needed over ten days’ of the Festival.

Once the recordings are completed and archived, the Festival will consider options to broadcast the material in conjunction with several of the radio stations, which have expressed interest. Additionally, Festival producers are considering the possibility of issuing a compact disc to commemorate the Festival’s fifth season.

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