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· Ballerup, Denmark / Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland – Sennheiser has partnered with digital security leader, the Kudelski Group, to develop a Bluetooth headset with unprecedented hardware-based encryption for secure end-to-end voice communications from headset to headset where privacy is paramount. The new Secure Headset extends secure VoIP communications to any compatible mobile device by embedding WHITE NOISE encryption in the headset itself. This ensures that the full communication chain – including the one between headset and paired mobile device – cannot be intercepted. The solution can support the highest security levels for voice and messaging, up to “SECRET”, while allowing business and government users to continue using the mobile devices they already own.

New WHITE NOISE Secure Headset is first to offer unprecedented hardware-based encryption for secure end-to-end communications in the office and on the go

New WHITE NOISE Secure Headset is first to offer unprecedented hardware-based encryption for secure end-to-end communications in the office and on the go

As part of the WHITE NOISE solution, the headset leverages Kudelski’s growing portfolio IoT security technologies and services. This robust encryption technology is integrated directly into the WHITE NOISE Secure Headset through a hardware secure element (SE), allowing it to serve as a cost-effective, simple hardware add-on to existing devices. An accompanying WHITE NOISE application enables secure voice calls as well as secure group chat messaging.

The new headset features premium audio technology from Sennheiser to ensure best-in-class sound for crystal clear communications. It utilizes three digital noise-cancelling microphones to ensure a more natural audio experience with SpeakFocus™ technology to optimize speech intelligibility even in noisy locations and WindSafe™ technology to reduce wind noise when outdoors. Also included is Sennheiser’s Advanced own-voice detection system which continuously monitors the environment to determine whether the user’s voice is present to dynamically reduce background noise as needed. With an impressive 7-hour talk time, the headset ensures a full day’s performance in the office or on the move.

“We are incredibly proud to have worked alongside Kudelski Group to create the most secure Bluetooth headset ever available,” said Andreas Bach, president of Sennheiser Communications A/S. “Our ambition is to make solutions that give both parties to a conversation an uncompromised communication experience. Now, as well as offering the best possible sound quality and an effortless user experience, we are helping ensure that there is no compromise on privacy.”

“WHITE NOISE is a new generation of effortless communication that is highly secure, affordable and convenient for all,” said Jean-Michel Puiatti, SVP for IoT Security at the Kudelski Group. “Working with Sennheiser is key to extending communications security to any device in a user-friendly way, using their existing mobile phone. We are extremely pleased to continue the long term collaboration between our two companies.”

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