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NOVO 1, the Customer Experience Experts, Chooses Sennheiser SH 350 Headsets for its Michigan Contact Center

High Performance, Noise–cancelling SH 350 Headsets Let Service Advisors Focus on Callers’ Needs, Creating Ideal Environment for Superior Customer Engagement

· Old Lyme, CT – NOVO 1 is an all–American–based customer service outsourcer, providing highly trained customer service advisors with technology and methodology to deliver phone–based customer service on behalf of large corporate customers. The company’s contact centers, which feature Sennheiser SH 350 headsets, support a roster of household–name clientele—mostly in the healthcare insurance and transportation industries—many of which require an extensive network of operators to manage sensitive information for thousands of callers. The company operates six contact centers across the country.

NOVO 1 operators rely on the Sennheiser SH 350 headset for both comfort and intelligibility

NOVO 1 operators rely on the Sennheiser SH 350 headset for both comfort and intelligibility

NOVO 1 opened its state–of–the–art facility in Holland, Michigan, in July, 2010, and needed to equip 350 customer service advisors with high quality, comfortable and affordable headsets. Following an extensive review, the company selected the Sennheiser SH 350 noise–cancelling headphones.

“The SH 350 stood out as the true value choice for NOVO 1,” said Michael Sayers, manager of information systems at the NOVO 1 Holland contact center. “The audio quality of the headsets was crisp and intelligible, and the units were competitively priced. I’m solely responsible for all the technology at this center and have a lot to manage. With the Sennheiser SH 350s, I don’t have to change or adjust our audio equipment, which lets me focus on maintaining other critical aspect of our IT system. And the sound clarity gives our advisors the confidence to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities.”

The Sennheiser SH 350 excels at delivering clear sound to both ears while minimizing ambient noise.

The Sennheiser SH 350 excels at delivering clear sound to both ears while minimizing ambient noise.

The Holland facility is not the only NOVO 1 location to utilize the Sennheiser SH 350. “NOVO 1 has locations across the country, and we have used a variety of brands,” Sayers continued. “The last brand we tested sounded tinny and didn’t offer as comfortable a design as the Sennheiser models. We settled on the SH 350’s foam–based ear cushions, to provide the best sound and most comfort for our advisors.”

In outfitting the new branch, NOVO 1 required top–of–the–line voice quality. “If the sound is superior and callers don’t have to repeat things, then the advisors can focus on more strategic parts of their jobs, and on accessing the data that end–customers need to resolve their issues.”

The “Y–jack” feature of the SH 350 model is especially useful during training sessions, which occur on an ongoing basis at NOVO 1. The jack configuration enables a supervisor to enter an advisor’s call and listen to the conversation. “It’s an excellent training device, and it’s also utilized when clients visit our offices,” says Sayers. “We can allow them to listen to their customer service calls to hear for themselves how our advisors execute their duties.” In addition, the SH 350 comes with a two–year warranty, which helps protect NOVO 1’s investment.

Side view of the Sennheiser SH 350.

Side view of the Sennheiser SH 350.

The layout of the new center in Holland encompasses a widespread, 38,000 square foot, open floor plan in which advisors are separated from each other only by chest–high partitions, making the potential for background noise tremendous. Yet with the noise–cancelling qualities of the SH 350s, the open–air layout hasn’t presented a problem during calls. Audio comes through clear and crisp, and background chatter is minimized by Sennheiser’s distinctive noise cancelling technology.

NOVO 1’s Holland office has since purchased several hundred SH 350 units for its new branch location. “In our business, it’s essential to have an excellent headset,” Sayers concludes. “We’re very pleased with the performance of the Sennheiser SH 350s, which clearly helps our advisors deliver a superior customer service experience to callers, and that keeps our clients happy.”

SH 350 at a Glance

The SH 350 excels at delivering clear sound to both ears, while minimizing ambient noise, so users can maintain maximum concentration levels during conversation. It is a high–quality solution for call center environments where users require both comfort and high speech intelligibility. Following are some key features of the SH 350:

  • ActiveGard™ safeguards the user from the effects of an acoustic burst.
  • Self–adjusting ball–mounted speaker capsules allow perfect fitting to the head.
  • 300° adjustable microphone boom allows the mic to be precisely positioned for optimal speech clarity. Teflon® washer support increases positioning accuracy, stability and ensure optimal durability.
  • Sound remains superb whether using the leatherette or foam ear pad.