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New Sennheiser subsidiary for streaming solutions

· Las Vegas, NV – The audio specialist Sennheiser [InfoComm booth C10908] has founded a new competence center for innovative streaming solutions, Sennheiser Streaming Technology GmbH (SST).

Jörn Erkau, CEO Sennheiser Streaming Technologies GmbH

Jörn Erkau, CEO Sennheiser Streaming Technologies GmbH

Sennheiser Streaming Technologies combines the German family-run company’s 70 years of experience in the field of audio technology with future-oriented development in the area of streaming. The subsidiary is based in Hamburg and is initially focusing on low-latency streaming to cellular devices. Jörn Erkau has been appointed managing director of the new company. The 47-year-old has considerable experience in the production of visitor information and audio guide systems. He has collaborated with Sennheiser in the past. He will be supported by Peter Claussen, President of the Integrated Systems Division at Sennheiser, who will also be an SST managing director.

Investment in innovative technology
“We will create hardware and software solutions that make life more pleasurable,” explains Jörn Erkau. “We are currently working on CinemaConnect, a streaming system that offers live, low-latency audio descriptions and assistive listening to be accessed directly using a smartphone.” The system is based on the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) principle and allows users to use their own smartphone and headphones without any additional hardware. Jörn Erkau is confident about the venture: “We are betting on a trend that will see significant future growth and success.”

As well as developing high-quality products for 70 years that offer outstanding sound, Sennheiser also produces innovative solutions for audiology, wireless microphones, and the company invented the open-ear headphone. “We see the founding of Sennheiser Streaming Technologies as an investment in the future,” says Daniel Sennheiser. “We think streaming will become an important medium for the transmission of audio content. The new company and its managing director, Jörn Erkau, will help us build up knowledge in this area and deliver high-quality, customized products.”

SST will start its operation in Europe. The company’s first product will be the CinemaConnect system, which is currently in the final stages of development and will be available beginning in fall 2014 in selected European countries only. It will be available in other regions within the next year.