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Jörg Sennheiser is recognized as the Family Business Leader of the Year

· Hanover, Germany – Professor Jörg Sennheiser of Wedemark is the ‘Family Business Leader of the Year 2014’. The prize was awarded to the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG for his outstanding business achievements by the regional business associations the ‘FAMILIENUNTERNEHMER’ and the ‘JUNGEN UNTERNEHMER’.

The official award ceremony took place in the courtyard of the Leibnitz University in Hanover. Each year the business association the ‘FAMILIENUNTERNEHMER’ recognizes a privately owned, family-run company from the region around Hanover for exceptional entrepreneurship, employee-oriented leadership and social commitment.

“This year we are honoring a visionary business leader who is active on a global scale; a man whose company reaches people emotionally with technology of the highest quality”, said Sandra Schirmer, chairwoman of the ‘JUNGEN UNTERNEHMER’. “Professor Sennheiser is an entrepreneur with a heart. He leads his company with the goal of passing it on to the next generation free from the burdens of the past.”

Kay Uplegger, the regional chairman of the ‘FAMILIENUNTERNEHMER’ in Hanover praised the audio expert’s business philosophy: “Sennheiser is a remarkable example of how a family-run business can use its deep-seated regional roots to become enduringly successful on a global scale.”

For more than 65 years the Sennheiser name has stood for exceptional sound quality and innovation in the field of audio technology. In 1945 Professor Fritz Sennheiser, the father of the laureate, founded the company as the ‘Laboratory Wennebostel’. To the technological milestones in the history of the company belong the development of the first shotgun microphone and open headphones. In 1982 Professor Jörg Sennheiser took over the leadership of the family business. Today Sennheiser products are responsible for setting the right tone on Broadway in New York, in London’s legendary Abbey Road Studios and at the European song contest Eurovision. At its headquarters in Wedemark alone, Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG employs over 1,200 people.

“Independence is our greatest asset”, said Professor Jörg Sennheiser. “Our family wants to be free from outside interference so that we can pursue our business strategy of focusing on technological innovation and first-rate quality. I am committed to this goal, and I advise all who run a family business to do the same.”

The award ceremony of the ‘Family Business Leader of the Year’ takes place under the auspices of the Minister of Economic Affairs of Lower Saxony and is sponsored by the Leibnitz University.

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