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Powersoft to Sponsor AV Academy, Comprehensive InfoComm Certified Technology Specialist (CTS®) Accredited Training Coursework

Courses Deliver In-Depth Audio Knowledge, Focused on Systems Specification and Include Corporate AV, Education AV and High Performance Sound

· Camarillo, Calif. – Audio manufacturer Powersoft announced that it is sponsoring AV Academy, a comprehensive InfoComm Certified Specialist (CTS®) training track organized by AV Magazine and RH Consulting. AV Academy — a collection of intensive InfoComm certified courses — is designed to impart in-depth knowledge to audio professionals seeking to improve their system specification abilities for installations in the corporate AV, education AV and high-performance sound environments.

CTS accredited instructor Roland Hemming and his colleague Richard Northwood will lead classes through four InfoComm certified courses between March 1st and April 13th, 2016, as described below. Mr. Hemming, who will be using premium products from Powersoft to help facilitate the training sessions, managed two of Europe’s largest audio projects: the Millennium Dome and the 2012 Olympic Games in London. As a leading provider of innovative audio technology, Powersoft supports the dissemination of information and knowledge in audio-related topics.

“Powersoft is pleased to be a sponsor of this important coursework, which will serve to further interest and expertise in the AV integration market,” commented Francesco Fanicchi, Head of Brand and Communications for Powersoft. “We are proud to have introduced many breakthrough technologies including Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), Power Factor Correction (PFC) and Class-D amplifier technology. These innovations have resulted in efficiencies that were almost unthinkable just a few years ago, and in some cases have resulted in new industry standards.”

“We are seeing a significant increase of high-quality audio in AV installations such as architectural design, lighting and video, and networking environments,” Fanicchi continued. “As end-users crave truly holistic A/V solutions, we see this trend continuing and expect Powersoft to play an increasingly defining role in audio applications.”

Course descriptions, times and locations follow:

What is Sound: March 1 & 2, 2016, Royal College of Physicians
This two-day foundation course is required before taking any of the other courses, and ensures that sound theory is tied to practical applications. 16 CTS points will be awarded to all participants.

Corporate AV - March 16, 2016, Morgan Stanley HQ
This course provides the opportunity for students to apply the knowledge they gained during the ‘What is Sound?’ foundation course to meeting room, boardroom and other corporate environments. The practical classroom-style training will be followed by a tour of Morgan Stanley’s premises, where attendees will discover how an audio system is used in a real world set-up.

Education AV - April 6, 2016, Queen Mary University of London
This course enables attendees to apply the knowledge gained during the ‘What is Sound?’ foundational course to the lecture theatre and auditorium. The practical classroom-style training will be followed by a tour of Queen Mary’s premises where attendees will discover how an audio system is used in a real world set-up.

High Performance Sound - April 13, 2016, Cadogan Hall / Sloan Square
High quality and high audio level systems are needed for many different applications, and this course outlines what needs to be considered for such a system, be it a larger school theatre, a corporate event or an AV conference system that needs to pack a punch. Ear plugs to be supplied.

Powersoft’s legendary efficiency saves valuable energy, keeping both operational cost and ‘carbon footprint’ at a minimum. All of the company’s amplifiers feature remarkably low power consumption and minimal heat dissipation. This dramatically reduces costs from the AC mains supply and air conditioning/cooling systems – not to mention the benefits to the environment for a greener planet. Offering full Dante network integration, redundant setup to minimize single point of failure, multi brand interconnection for MediaMatrix, Crestron, AMXcontrol, Q-SYS and monitoring systems, a worldwide service centre network and Armonía Pro remote control Powersoft is the future for advanced AV system integration.

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