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PiQ Sport Intelligence

Rossignol and PIQ Sport Intelligence present a major innovation at ISPO 2017 - the first-ever connected ski

· Paris, France – Embarking on a new step in an already fruitful partnership, the two French brands PIQ and Rossignol have now created the first-ever ‘connected ski’ – The new product integrates a PIQ ROBOT artificial intelligence device in the mythic Rossignol Hero Master ski.

PIQ and Rossignol are announcing the world premiere of this truly disruptive innovation at the ISPO 2017 and will be demonstrating a working prototype at their respective booths. The Rossignol Hero Master prototype, the first of its kind in the world, will be embedded with the GAIA Intelligence — the first Artificial Intelligence system that autonomously analyzes sports motions.

The world-premiere of the ‘connected ski’
The PIQ ROBOTTM nano-computer — now embedded within the Rossignol Hero Master — is bound to revolutionize the skiing experience thanks to a LED display right that appears in front of the ski binding. Thanks to this new technology smartly embedded in already advanced sport equipment, the skier can now get all of the GAIA intelligence in real-time.

GAIA, the first Artificial Intelligence system that autonomously analyzes sports motions in real-time, utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze movement in real-time and is able to deliver information directly to the skier on the screen and its EZ-reading gauges — even while he or she is cruising down the mountain.

The multi-algorithmic machine-learning intelligence featured in Rossignol and PIQ is the result of both fundamental and applied research. As a result of PIQ’s relentless innovation, the technology is now able to understand and analyze microscopic variations in skiing movements.

Specifically, the PIQ ROBOTTM embedded in the Hero Master is able to measure the skier’s speed, their angulation in turns, their explosivity in transitions from one edge to the other, as well as the G-Force in every turn, among many other metrics.

The Hero Master is a super-charged racing weapon. Featuring real-deal World Cup race room construction, the Hero Master is the reference on the market for its control, superior power transfer, and rock-solid stability. Therefore, this model was perfectly suited to embed the PIQ ROBOT.

Rossignol and PIQ are now moving forward to a new step in their partnership by integrating their respective technologies in one single product.

Cédric Mangaud, CEO of PIQ Sport Intelligence states “Since the founding of PIQ, we’ve always had that vision of embedding PIQ directly in the skier’s gear to give them the best experience possible. Thanks to the work of our two teams, we’re now extremely proud to unveil today at ISPO what is truly a breakthrough innovation with the world’s first connected ski.”

“With this technology, Rossignol is now the world’s first manufacturer to create a connected ski. This is a new step for our sport and Rossignol is pushing the envelope,” states François Benaben, VP Sales, Marketing, and Communication of Rossignol.”The integration of the PIQ ROBOTTM in our skis could significantly enrich the skiing experience and allow our users to better understand and analyze their performance.”