Press Release

PiQ Sport Intelligence

Everlast and PIQ, the only AI wearable for Boxing, is now available

· Paris, France – After having revealed their partnership at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, PIQ Sport Intelligence, the leading European start-up in the sports Wearables field and Everlast, the leading brand in the world of boxing, announce today the availability in the US and Europe of the PIQ ROBOT™, the first wearable specifically designed for Core boxing and Fitness Boxing.

Everlast and PIQ is now available at $99 on,, in Sport specialized stores, and Consumer Electronics stores.

The best wearable for boxers
Everlast and PIQ delivers the best possible sports experience for boxers. Now, with the PIQ ROBOTT™, boxers are able to record and analyze all dimensions of their workout sessions, including the strength and speed of their strokes. And most importantly, right on their phone, with the app, they’ll discover their Winning Factors - their sthrengths identified by GAIA – that they should leverage in order to win.

The first ever global boxing community
PIQ has also created an online community for boxers – the Leaderboards – a dedicated space where they can challenge themselves and each others. Every day, thousands of boxers can check out their ranking, based on their performance. There, boxers can compete within the community, with their friends, and see their progress.