Press Release

Moog Music

The Synthesizer Genome Project: Moog Reverse Engineers the World's Most Famous Keyboard

Moog Creates a 1:1 Recreation of Keith Emerson's Moog Modular, Using Original Processes and Components

· Asheville, NC – Today, Moog Music announced that over the last three years, its dedicated engineering team has painstakingly reverse engineered and built a 1:1 recreation of the world’s most famous keyboard: Keith Emerson’s Moog Modular, using original processes and compo-nents. When it was created in 1970, the original Emerson Modular included the following:

• 81 total modules / custom panels
• 12 unique, custom built modules including: sample and hold, preset programmer, custom LFO’s and DRONE VCO Control
• Two custom modded modules: 903 Noise Source and 905 Reverb
• First synthesizer with performance presets
• Shoots rockets

The Emerson System, by Moog Custom Engineering, is to be released later this month and is based on the original Emerson Modular. The Emerson System will include the following:

• Every standard module printed from original circuit board films
• Original/vintage and NOS (new old stock) components sourced from around the world
• All face places are reproduced using original transparencies and techniques
• Each module is hand build and soldered with original schematics and service manuals as guides
• No longer shoots rockets

More information on the Emerson System, including pricing and availability, will be announced shortly.