Press Release

Carousel Industries

Carousel Industries, Polycom and NuPhysicia Partner to Deliver Industry-Leading Enterprise-Class Telehealth Solution for Healthcare Providers

New Video-Enabled TeleHealth Services Offering Delivers Speed and Efficiency for Caseload Management in Hospitals, Urgent Care Facilities and Retail Pharmacies, Enabling Patients to Receive Care and See Physicians Faster

· San Jose, CA, Houston, TX and Exeter, RI – Carousel Industries, Polycom and NuPhysicia announced today a partnership to deliver a bundled telehealth offering called DistribuCare, which combines Carousel’s healthcare integration expertise, NuPhysicia’s caseload management software expertise and Polycom’s enterprise-grade video solutions, enabling doctors and nurses to more easily and quickly meet with patients across the globe.

The service makes it much easier for healthcare professionals to coordinate care when initiating a video-based telehealth service within a hospital, urgent care facility, retail pharmacy, or an employee healthcare network. With DistribuCare, patients are placed in virtual waiting room before visiting with a doctor or nurse over video within the healthcare organizations’ telehealth network. The software within the offering helps to streamline caseload management so that physicians with fewer patients in one virtual location can assist patients in a busier location, enabling more seamless management of clinical resources while increasing revenues. DistribuCare also allows for better patient outcomes since a larger resource of medical experts can treat patients across the network versus only having access to a few doctors or nurses within a single facility.

Partnership Gives Customers Easy Access to State-of-the-Art Telehealth Solutions
Carousel Industries, a leading integrator in business practices and technologies provides comprehensive suite of managed services and technology integration capabilities, supports over 20,000 customer sites across the nation, including Quest Diagnostics, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, and BlueCross BlueShield, and offers customer installations and support through 80 countries in 120 languages.

“Carousel created DistribuCare with its partners to address the changing needs of healthcare providers,” said James Marsh, Senior Vice President at Carousel. “Medical experts are preparing for an enormous increase in patient caseloads as more people in the U.S. gain access to health insurance. DistribuCare enables medical networks to better manage this rising demand for healthcare, while providing for a faster and efficient experience for their patients.”

Polycom, the global leader in open, standards-based unified communications and collaboration (UC&C), works with 8 of the top 10 hospitals in the U.S. Polycom offers HD video to fuel innovation through new and emerging healthcare applications, business models, and patient/physician relationships. “By teaming with leading innovators within our ecosystem and combining each company’s core competencies, we’re able to provide healthcare providers and retail pharmacies with a best-in-class telehealth solution that enables them to bring care to patients regardless of location,” said Ron Emerson, Global Director of Healthcare, Polycom. “This partnership is a great example of how video collaboration technology enables patient centered treatment that is flexible and more widely accessible.”

NuPhysicia, a world-wide leader in advanced medical services, has been on the leading edge of healthcare delivery services since 2007, distributing its patented physician services to a broad range of clients. “DistribuCare brings an unprecedented array of comprehensive services to the healthcare industry,” said Dr. Glenn Hammack, President of NuPhysicia. “Medical experts increasingly rely on telehealth solutions to accommodate the needs of our expanding healthcare system. With DistribuCare, both patients and healthcare providers now have access to a world-class offering that is acceptable to the boards of medicine in all 50 states.”

“Recent advances in videoconferencing are enabling next generation Telemedicine solutions and offer promising new efficiencies and a new range of patient care options,” commented Daniel Ruppar, research director, connected health, Frost & Sullivan. DistribuCare combines the manufacturing, integration and medical services expertise of Carousel, Polycom and NuPhysicia and is meant to address the growing Telehealth market across the U.S.”

The new solution, available today, takes into account all federal and state laws and HIPAA requirements, and is also built to allow the end user’s telehealth offering to expand and scale over time.