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Carousel Industries Honored with 'Business Champion Award' By Community College of Rhode Island

Recognition Highlights Carousel's Longstanding Support of the Important Role Community Colleges Play in Educating and Extending Specific Skillsets within the Business Community

· Exeter, RI – Carousel Industries, a leader in mobility, data networking and converged communications, was recognized with the ‘Business Champion Award’ by Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI) last month. CCRI President Ray DiPasquale visited Carousel’s headquarters in Exeter on April 21st to present the award to CEO Jeff Gardner.

Carousel CEO Jeff Gardner accepts the 'Business Champion Award' from Community College of Rhode Island.

Carousel CEO Jeff Gardner accepts the ‘Business Champion Award’ from Community College of Rhode Island.

For several years, Carousel has been working alongside CCRI administrators and instructors to help align student skillsets with those of businesses requiring skilled labor. Over the course of its close cooperation, Carousel has also hired several CCRI students to work in various capacities within its Network Operations Center (NOC), accounting and other departments.

During a brief acceptance speech, Gardner highlighted how the partnership between CCRI and Carousel has resulted in an overwhelmingly positive impact, stimulating increased cooperation among CCRI, Carousel, government officials and CIO’s of various higher education institutions. Following a visit to Carousel headquarters in 2012, Connecticut Senator Jack Read invited Gardner to visit Washington, D.C. to work on a panel with Senators and their guests for a discussion on how to stimulate job growth and prepare future employees for the challenges of the modern business environment.

In December of last year, Carousel was also honored at CCRI’s Changing Lives Celebration, which honors champions of community, education and business. In attendance were several of Carousel’s employees who either graduated from CCRI or were currently attending the college for post-graduate work, along with senior executive staff from Carousel.

Carousel CEO Jeff Gardner [third from left] attends a Senate forum on job creation in February 2013.

Carousel CEO Jeff Gardner [third from left] attends a Senate forum on job creation in February 2013.

“It is very gratifying to work in close partnership with CCRI on so many levels,” commented Jeff Gardner. “I am not only grateful for the positive impact we are able to impart on the broader government and educational communities we are involved with, but also for our many employees who were educated at CCRI. They bring important skillsets in many areas, each of which are highly valued by our organization. This speaks to the very important role that community colleges play for businesses around the country.”

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