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Carousel Industries

Carousel Industries Announces Panel Discussions This Week on Distance Learning

Carousel Panels Explore 'Why It's Critical to Have a Distance Learning Strategy' and 'The Future of the Classroom and How to Support it'

· Exeter, RI – Carousel Industries, a leader in mobility, data networking and converged communications, announced two panel discussions, which will include “Why It’s Critical to Have a Distance Learning Strategy” and ‘The Future of the Classroom and How to Support It.’ The panels, which feature subject matter experts from Southern Polytechnic State University, Extreme Networks, Polycom and Carousel, will uncover why it is important to develop a sound implementation strategy, and what technical challenges face IT professionals in setting up distance learning environments.

Who - Carousel Industries, Southern Polytechnic State University, Extreme Networks and Polycom

What - Panel Discussions - ‘Why It’s Critical to Have a Distance Learning Strategy’ and ‘The Future of the Classroom and How to Support it’

When - Wednesday, 5/28 at 2:00 p.m. and Thursday, 5/29 at 2:00 p.m. respectively (all times EDT)

Where - Register online by clicking here

The Importance of a Distance Learning Strategy
The face of education is rapidly evolving as learning environments are changing from large lecture halls to ‘borderless classrooms.’ This represents an enormous change for educational facilities, administrators, students and teachers. In this panel, subject matter experts will explore this rapid change and how it is affecting all facets of education — not just today but in the future. The panel will also discuss the opportunities that have come to light as a result of these changes.

The Future of the Classroom
As educators focus on adapting learning environments through globally connected and converged classrooms, IT professionals must accommodate this new approach through innovative use of technology — especially since students typically rely on anywhere between 3-5 devices at any given time. On-demand data and real time lectures have become a requirement for successful distance learning programs, and this has introduced an entirely new set of challenges for building a supportive IT infrastructure.

Both panels will be moderated by Carousel Industries’ Brian Douglas, director of business eduation. Presenters will include subject matter experts Elaine Shuck, director of education, North America, Polycom; Sam Steele, U.S. education development manager, Polycom; Jonathon Kidwell, director of educational sales, Extreme Networks; Samuel Conn, vice president of information technology and CIO, Southern Polytechnic State University.

To register for Carousel’s distance learning seminar to take place on May 28th, please register here. Interested participants for the May 29th session can register here.