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Mark Loughman Releases Video for “One Long Line", Capturing the Emotional Brilliance of Desolation

Video by Director Daniel Christiansen Highlights Moody Rocker from Loughman’s Debut LP Bleedin' Aura, Shot Amidst a Century-Old Barn in Topanga

· Hollywood, Calif. – Rocker Mark Loughman has released his first music video from his recently released LP Bleedin Aura for the lead single, “One Long Line”. The track and video feature master session drummer Kenny Aronoff. Brought to life by director and frequent Loughman collaborator Daniel Christiansen, the video casts Loughman against the backdrop of a 100-year old barn to evoke the defiant isolation of his lyrics and wending guitar lines.

“One Long Line”, which is about “the emotional brilliance of desolation”, was produced by Mark Loughman and Warren Huart (The Fray, James Blunt) and recorded at the legendary Sunset Sound in Hollywood. “When I first heard the album, I knew this was a track I wanted to create a strong visual presentation for, so I was pleased to get the opportunity to take a crack at it as the lead video,” says Christiansen. For Loughman, the song captures the dark side of his psyche with lyrics like “As far as I can see, we’re all in one long line and it appears we must walk along it, until we die.” Aronoff’s pounding drums and Loughman’s biting tremolo guitar give the song an edginess that evokes paranoia, further enhances by Loughman’s impassioned vocal delivery. “Ostensibly the song is about the end of the world,” Loughman says. “They’re pretty dreary, somber lyrics if you listen in, and I think we did a good job of capturing that in the recording and the video. Daniel and I were very much on the same page about what we wanted to achieve visually, we’re quite in sync with our creativity and work well together.”

Loughman stumbled upon the video’s main shooting location through his friend producer Val Garay. “Val has this old barn on his property in Topanga Canyon and we thought it would be the perfect setting for the video,” Loughman says. “It’s been restored and converted into a tracking space by Val, but it still retains a lot of its original, slightly dilapidated character.”

After shooting Loughman on location, Christiansen supplemented the barn footage with shots of Loughman and Aronoff playing live in-studio and crafted the video out of the roughly 4 hours of footage. “We shot everything really fast, down and dirty, and I think that really fits Mark’s style, particularly on this song,” Christiansen says. “I think the video captures Mark’s uniquely dark sensibilities, his ‘Bleedin Aura’ if you will.”

The video for “One Long Line” is streaming now on YouTube. Bleedin Aura is out now on Spitfire Music and available at