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British Audio Engineering

AES 2016: BAE Audio G10 500 Series 10-Band Graphic EQ Now Available

10-Band Equalizer with Transformer Balanced Input and Output and Hi/Low-Pass Filters Is a Versatile Analogue Sound Shaping Tool for Tracking, Mixing, or Mastering

· Los Angeles, Calif. – At the 141st AES Convention in Los Angeles, analogue gear manufacturer BAE Audio [AES Booth 1101] announced the launch of its new G10 equalizer. The unit, first unveiled at the 139th AES Convention, adds to BAE Audios growing 500 series offerings with a punchy, transformer-balanced signal path, versatile 10-band graphic EQ configuration, and 2520-style op-amps. This versatile studio tool has applications from tracking to mixing to mastering, its tone shaping capabilities making it an all-star for tweaking drum or guitar sounds or sweetening an entire mix.

10 Bands of Analog Goodness
With 10 carefully selected bands offering up to 12 dB of boost or cut on tap, the G10 offers a level of tone sculpting that can help any audio sit perfectly in the mix. The easy-to-use slider-based interface helps users intuitively visualize the EQ curves they are applying. Switchable high-pass and low-pass filters, tuned at 80 Hz and 12 kHz respectively, help make the G10 a truly complete sound shaping solution.

“10-band graphic EQs are a popular studio tool because of their ability to sculpt your sound precisely so that it fits just right in your mix,” says BAE Audio CEO Mark Loughman. “With the G10 we’re providing that functionality with BAE’s trademark superior components and build quality plus an innovative implementation of input and output transformers in the path. As a result, the G10 is both versatile and great sounding and will shine on any source in any stage of the recording process.”

Unique Signal Path
The G10 features input and output transformers that imbue any audio passing through it with a unique tonal character. “The transformers give the G10 an incredibly tight sound that has plenty of punch without harshness,” Loughman says. “It has a color and personality to it all its own and provides a nice counterpoint to the British-designed BAE EQs that you probably already have in your lunchbox.”

The G10 is shipping now and is available through authorized BAE Audio dealers. For more information and a list of authorized dealers, please visit