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Antelope Audio

Antelope Audio and Amphion Loudspeakers Bring Exquisite, Mastering Quality Sound to CES with Tailored Audiophile Demonstrations at Venetian Suite 29-129

With Zodiac Platinum and Audiophile 10M Atomic Clock — Combined with Amphion Monitoring — CES Attendees to Experience Astonishingly Transparent Sound

· Las Vegas, NV – Leading digital audio manufacturer Antelope Audio [Venetian Suite 29-129] once again brings its world-class audiophile infrastructure to CES this year, where the company will provide ongoing demonstrations of its Zodiac Platinum + Audiophile 10M Atomic Clock combination and its $40,000 Rubicon AD/DA converter — all running through an Amphion Two18 and One15 mastering grade loudspeaker system.

Antelope Audio Zodiac Platinum DSD DAC and Audiophile 10M Atomic Clock

Antelope Audio Zodiac Platinum DSD DAC and Audiophile 10M Atomic Clock

The Zodiac Platinum + 10M combination features unique upsampling capabilities and ultra-accurate clocking, while Rubicon supports high resolution AD/DA conversion and integrated Atomic Clock to satisfy even the most discriminating audiophile purists. Staff from Antelope and Amphion will be running listening demonstrations between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. each day of the exhibit, between Monday, January 5th and Saturday, January 10th.

Antelope’s CES suite in the Venetian will feature Rubicon Atomic AD/DA Preamp, the Zodiac Platinum DSD DAC/ Audiophile 10M combination, and monitoring/amplification by Amphion. There will be two loudspeaker systems: a pair of Two18s with a JL Audio subwoofer, and a pair of One15s — along with a dedicated headphone listening station. The loudspeaker system will be driven by an Amphion Amp500 2x500 ampflifier.

The demonstration will explain how it is possible to attain mastering-quality sound in just about any listening environment by including core elements such as high resolution streaming, high-end conversion, ultra stable clocking and crystal clear monitoring in one’s listening system. With its Zodiac Platinum and Audiophile 10M Atomic Clock, music aficionados can experience similar musical dimension and sonic accuracy that mastering engineers relied on when the music was created. With Amphion loudspeakers, room acoustics need not be a paramount concern to achieve a great listening experience.

Amphion Two18s loudspeakers

Amphion Two18s loudspeakers

Amphion — A Superior Loudspeaker for ‘Real World’ Acoustics
Amphion loudspeakers are designed to work within the most demanding aesthetics and room acoustics. Their performance is maximized for normal living rooms and “real-world speaker placements.” Since they are designed to work close to the walls, desktops, shelves or other boundaries, the listener can easily attain the optimum performance.

Thanks to their outstanding dispersion characteristics, Amphion loudspeakers perform well in challenging spaces, such as rooms with large windows and other hard, acoustically unfriendly surfaces. Amphion’s design embraces a natural midrange - traditionally a loudspeaker’s greatest challenge. Clarity and intelligibility come across crystal clear, even at low listening levels: for example as background and late night listening. Similarly, an even, wide dispersion permits the listener to experience a realistic and detailed sound while moving around the room, attending to chores or guests.

To learn more about the products and the show special discount, stop by Antelope’s suite at CES; no appointment is necessary for demonstrations during exhibit hours. For more information on the products please visit Zodiac Platinum DSD DAC, Rubicon Atomic AD/DA Preamp and Amphion Loudspeakers web pages.