Air Boss Wayne Boggs Soars, Nabbing the “Sword of Excellence”

· Suzanne Mattaboni

If you like PBS’ “The Aviators,” you’ll love Air Boss Wayne Boggs, a 20+ year director extraordinaire of America’s most esteemed air shows, and star of the new docu-series “Air Boss” from FourPoints Television. Boggs’ stunt pilots have left gravity-defying vapor trails in front of the President himself at the annual Andrews Air Show in DC. A renowned aerial choreographer in one of the world’s most daring vocations, Boggs was recently tapped for the International Council of Air Shows’ highest honor, the “Sword of Excellence” Award.

Boggs is a hard-boiled marvel, orchestrating some of the most perilous airborne performances in the nation, his pilots zooming live over the heads of thousands of Americans per year. He hails from quite the over-achieving background: He’s brother to Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Wade Boggs. Yet sometimes things get a little crazy among those magnificent men in their flying machines, whose astounding skills often come with overblown egos. The threat of fiery death looms at every performance, as Boggs contends with touchy aviators vying for the shows’ top slots—and for Boggs’ own job. As industry vets often say, “The difference between a fighter pilot and God is that God doesn’t think he’s a fighter pilot.” Tune in to the fireworks this spring. Catch the Air Boss trailer at