A Conversation With "The Voice of Hulu", Dave Fennoy

· Jeff Touzeau

Dave Fennoy

Dave Fennoy

I recently spoke to “the voice of Hulu” Dave Fennoy on the business of voice acting and the role that technology has played in his career. Before we began talking about microphones, he shared some sage career advice that he once received from longtime mentor and voiceover legend Don LaFontaine. The advice describes the career cycle (put in the context of Dave) of a voiceover artist and goes as follows:

  1. Who is Dave Fennoy?
  2. Get me Dave Fennoy.
  3. Get me Dave Fennoy at any price.
  4. Get me a younger Dave Fennoy.
  5. Who is Dave Fennoy?

When the subject turned to microphones, Dave was very clear that he is a loyal Neumann artist: ‚ÄúThese days, the temptation is great to get a lower priced microphone, but I believe it is much better to acquire a microphone that has lasting value and will carry you through each phase of your voiceover career. Maybe even to help avoid that fifth phase,” he said. While Neumann is a little more expensive, it’s not a lot when you consider you are investing in your career.